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Online Teaching

Recruiting for Online Teaching

As the delivery of education continues to shift towards the use of online classes, we also aim to become the leader in the recruitment and supply of teachers for the online education market.

Based on years of experience in recruiting teachings for schools in the Asian region, Immersion Global Education developed a complete set of online hiring process, from candidate screening to job orientation, to ensure the candidates are meeting the expectations of the employers in delivering online classes.

Our comprehensive services in the recruitment process include:
*Candidate screening,
*Initial interview;
*Personality assessment;
*Induction and orientation

Teach Overseas

Recruiting for Teaching Positions in Asia

In meeting the goals of providing high-quality education to students all over the world, Immersion Global Education seeks to continually recruit and supply teachers for overseas teaching positions, particularly in the Asian region.

As a trusted global agency, we undertake the direct recruitment of teachers on behalf of schools, act as a reliable source of information for overseas teaching and provide administrative support and ongoing assistance to foreign teachers as they settle in.

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