As an established education initiative, we are committed to provide high quality, enriching educational experiences at a global level.


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English Immersion Program

Our English language immersion program is developed and organised in close collaboration with Ormond College, University of Melbourne. This intensive program offers foreign students the opportunity to experience the history, scenery and culture of Australia while being closely guided in their use and practice of English.

Since the program started in 2010, more than 500 international students have attended the program where they participated in sports and cultural activities and excursions to some of Australia’s most iconic sights.

Online Education Programs

Taking education online has been one of our main focus as we believe in the use of technology in the advancement of learning and teaching. We constantly seek the contributions of the brightest minds in education and invite them to deliver their courses via the internet. The online platform presents an efficient and cost-effective method of disseminating knowledge and learning to a global audience. As such, we have undertaken a number of online education projects that push the boundary of conventional learning.

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